. A rod of length L is pivoted at one end and is rotated

rotated with a uniform angular velocity in a horizontal plane. Let T1 and T2 be the tensions at the points L/4 and 3L/4 away from the pivoted ends. Then:

A: T1 > T2

B: T2 > T1

C: T1 = T2

D: the relation between T1 and T2 depends on whether the rod rotates clockwise or anticlockwise


Best Answer


At L/4 from the pivoted end 

Tension T1=Centrifugal force on the rod behind this point (0f 3L/4) 

=T1=m'ω2r=(M/l)(3/4)Lω2(L/4+3L/8)........because r is the distance of COM


At 3L/4 from the pivoted end

Tension T2= Centrifugal force on the Rod behind this point (of L/4 Length)

T1=m'ω2r=(M/l)(1/4)Lω2(3L/4+L/8).......because r is the distance of COM



Final Answer:

Hence,the correct option (A) T1>T2



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