. A satellite S is moving in an elliptical orbit around the earth. The mass of the satellite is very small compared to the mass of the earth :

(a) the acceleration of S always directed towards the centre of the earth

(b) the angular momentum of S about the cente of the earth changes in direction, but its magnitude remain constant

(c) the total mechanical energy of S varies periodically with time

(d) the linear momentum of S remains constant in magnitude 


Best Answer

Force on satellite is always towards earth, therefore, acceleration of satellite S is always directed towards centre of the earth. Net torque of this gravitational force F about centre of earth is zero. Therefore, angular momentum (both in magnitude and direction) of S about centre of earth is constant throughout. Since, the force F is conservative in nature, therefore mechanical energy of satellite remains constant. Speed of S is maximum when it is nearest to earth and minimum when it is farthest.

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