. A shopkeeper gives books on rent for reading

She takes a fixed charge for the first two days, and an additional charge for each day thereafter. Latika paid Rs. 22 for a book kept for six days,

while Anand paid Rs. 16 for the book kept for four days. Find the fixed charges and the charge for each extra day.

A:Rs.13, Rs.2

B: Rs.10, Rs.3

C: Rs.12, Rs.9

D: Rs.14, Rs.5


Best Answer


Construct two variable equations and solve.

Construct two variable equations.


x= fixed charge for the first two days.

y= additional charge for each day.

Now According to question,


and by second condition,


Simplify the above expression and get the result. 

Solve equation (1) and (2).





Y=3, and x=10

∴ fixed charge =Rs.10

and the charge for each extra day =Rs.3

So, option (B) is the correct answer.

Final Answer:

As a result, the correct option is (b) i.e. Rs.10, Rs.3




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