. A small sphere of radius R is held against

the inner surface of a larger sphere of radius 6 R. The masses of large and small spheres are 4 M and M respectively. This arrangement is placed on a horizontal table as shown.

There is no friction between any surfaces of contact. The small sphere is now released. The coordinates of the centre of the large sphere when the smaller sphere reaches the other extreme position is

A: (L - 2R, 0)

B: (L + 2R, 0)

C: (2R, 0)

D: (2R - L, 0)


Best Answer


small sphere

In the initial position , the X coordinate CM is Xi=(1x1+m2x2)/m1+m2


In the Final position the X coordinate of CM is Xf=4M X x+M(x-5R)/4M+M=x-R




So,coordinate of CM is (L+2R,0)

Final Answer :

Hence the correct option is (B) i.e,(L+2R,0)



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