. A solid consisting of a right circular cone of height

height 120 cm and radius 60 cm standing on a hemisphere of radius 60 cm is placed upright in a right circular cylinder full of water such that

it touches the bottom.Find the volume of water left in the cylinder, if the radius is 60 cm and its height is 180 cm.






Best Answer



Radius (r) of hemispherical part = Radius (r) of conical part =60cm

Height (h1) of conical part of solid =120cm

Height (h1)  of cylinder =180cm

Radius (r) of cylinder =60cm

Volume of water left = Volume of cylinder - Volume of solid

= Volume of cylinder - (Volume of cone + Volume of hemisphere)

solid consisting

Final Answer:

Hence, the correct option is (b) i.e.1131428.57cm3.


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