. A sphere of diameter 6 cm is dropped in a right circular

cylindrical vessel partly filled with water.The diameter of cylindrical vessel is 12 cm.

If the sphere is completely submerged in water,by how much will the level of water rise in the cylindrical vessel.

Best Answer


  • Diameter of the sphere =6cm

⇒Radius of the sphere r=3cm

  • Diameter of the cylindrical vessel =12cm

⇒Radius of the cylindrical vessel R=6cm

  • Volume of a sphere =4 /3πr3
  • Volume of the a cylinder =πR 2h

According to the given condition, volume of the sphere is equal to the volume of the cylinder upto to the water level.

4 /3×π ×3 ×3 × 3=π ×6 ×6 ×n ×h


Final Answer:

Hence, the level of water rises upto 1cm in the cylindrical vessel. 


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