. A student takes four test tubes marked P, Q R and S of 25 mL capacity and fills 10 mL of distilled water in each

He  dissolves one  spoon full  of four  different salts  in  each as-KCl in  P, NaCl  in  Q CaCI2  in Rand MgCI2  in S. He then adds about 2 mL of a sample of soap solution to each of the above test tubes. On shaking the contents of each of the test tubes, he is likely to observe a good amount of lather (foam) in the test tubes marked:

(a) P and Q                           (b) R and  S        

(c) P, Q and  R                      (d) P, Q and  S                                                                                                  

Best Answer

Ans: (a) P and Q

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