. A student wants to project the image of a candle flame on the walls of school laboratory by using a mirror

(a) Which type of mirror should he use and why?

(b) At what distance in terms  of focal length  'f' of the mirror  should  he place the candle flame so as to get the magnified  image on the wall?

(c) Draw a ray diagram to show the formation of image in this case.

(d) Can he use this mirror to project a diminished image of the candle flame on the same wall? State 'how' if your answer is 'yes' and 'why not' if your answer is 'no'.


Best Answer

Ans. (a) Concave mirror should be used as only this mirror will produce a real image (i.e, on the wall).

(b) The object should be placed between 'f' and '2/' so as to get the magnified image on the wall.


image of a candle

(d) When the candle flame  is  placed  beyond  2f, A diminished  real image will be formed on the wall.


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