. A wheel makes 360 revolutions in one minute

Through how many radians does it turn in one second?


Best Answer


  • We use the first unitary approach to get the number of revolutions per second, then multiply that number by the radian that does one revolution.
  • In the question, it is stated that a wheel rotates 360 times every minute.
  • We also know that one minute is divided into 60 seconds. As a result, we can claim that the wheel rotates 360 times in 60 seconds.
  • We may calculate the number of revolutions made by the wheel in one second using the unitary method:360/60=60  revolutions.
  • The wheel turns at an angle of 2π radian in one complete revolution, as we know.
  • As a result, it will turn an angle of 6×2π radian,12π or  radian, in 6 complete revolutions.

Final Answer:

A wheel turn 12 radians in one second.


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