. Absorption by Roots short answers

Name the following:

(a) The condition of a cell placed in a hypotonic solution.

(b) Process by which intact plants lose water in the form of droplets from leaf margins.

(c) Process by which water enters root hairs.

(d) The tissue concerned with upward conduction of water in plants.

(e) The term for the inward movement of solvent molecules through the plasma membrane of a cell.

(f) The process by which molecules distribute themselves evenly within the space they occupy.

(g) The pressure which is responsible for the movement of water molecules across the cortical cells of the root.


Best Answer

(a) Turgidity

(b) Guttation

(c) Osmosis

(d) Xylem

(e) Endosmosis

(f) Diffusion

(g) Root pressure


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