. Acrosomal reaction of the sperm occurs due to

A: its contact with zona pellucida of the ova

B: reactions within the uterine environment of the female

C: reactions within the epididymal environment of the male

D: androgens produced in the uterus.


Best Answer

Explanation :

  • Acrosomes release their contents by exocytosis when the head of sperm binds to zona pellucida of ovum.
  • Various hydrolytic enzymes like corona penetrating enzymes, hyaluronidase, etc are there inside the acrosome.
  • This reaction is termed as an acrosomal reaction.
  •  By dissolving corona radiata and zona pellucida, it helps the sperm to reach the plasma membrane of the ovum.

Final Answer :

Hence, the correct option is A, i.e. its contact with zona pellucida of the ova.



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