. After the examinations Rakesh with his friends went on a picnic to a nearby park. All friends carried cooked food packed in plastic bags or plast

After eating  the food some  friends collected  the leftover  food  and  plastic  bags etc. and  planned to dispose them off by burning. Rakesh immediately checked  them and suggested to segregate  the leftover  food  and  peels  of fruits  from the  plastic  materials  and  respectively dispose them  off separately in the green  and  red  dustbins placed  in the corner  of the  park. 

(a) In  your  opinion, is  burning plastic  an  eco-friendly method  of  waste  disposal? Why? State  the advantage of the  method  suggested by Rakesh.

(b) How can we contribute in maintaining the  parks  and  roads  neat  and  clean?


Best Answer

Ans.    (i) Burning  of  plastic  is  not  an  eco-friendly    method of  waste  disposal   because  it produces  toxic gases which cause too much air pollution. It has an adverse effect on the health of all types of living organisms  including  human  beings. The method of waste disposal  used by Rakesh is advantageous as the leftover food and  peels of fruits are biodegradable and can be used as manure. The plastic bags and cans should be disposed off in red dustbins from where they can be sent for recycling, thereby  keeping  the environment clean

(ii) • We should  not litter on roads and  parks.

• We should  not spit on roads and  parks.

• We should  make it a point to throw the garbage in dustbins  and learn to segregate garbage  into biodegradable and  non-biodegradable.


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