. Air is a

A: homogeneous mixture

B: heterogeneous mixture

C: compound

D: none of these


Best Answer


Air is made up of a variety of gases that are evenly distributed throughout the environment. If we examine any portion of air, we will notice that its composition is consistent. Everywhere in the air, the amounts of all gases are the same.

A homogeneous mixture is one in which the components are uniformly distributed across the entire mixture. Homogeneous mixes are defined as ones that contain only one phase of matter, such as a solid, liquid, or gas. Physical separation of the components of a homogeneous mixture is difficult.

As a result, air is composed of a variety of gases, including 78.09 nitrogen, 20.95 oxygen, 0.93 argon, 0.04 carbon dioxide, and water vapours. However, they are all in the same phase. As a result, the correct answer is homogenous mixture.

 Final Answer :

Thus, option A( Homogeneousmixture)is the correct answer.



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