. Among the following identify the block mountains of India

A: Aravalli

B: Himalaya

C: Satpura and Vindhya

D: None of the above


Best Answer


  • Block Mountains are created when large areas of landmass are broken and displaced vertically. The uplifted blocks are called as horsts and the lowered blocks are called graben. 
  •  In India such block mountain are Satpura and Vindhya which are found in the central-western part of India.
  • The Rhine valley and the Vosges mountain are also examples of block mountain system.
  • The Aravali is one of the oldest fold mountain systems in the world.
  • The Himalayas are also young fold mountain.

Final Answer:

Hence correct answer is option C. Satpura and Vindhya are type of block mountain of India.


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