. An example of ex situ conservation is

(a) Sacred grove

(b) National Park

(c) Seed bank

(d) Wildlife sanctuary

Best Answer

Correct option is: C.

Ex situ conservation is the conservation of areas outside their natural habitat. Botanical arenas, zoological parks, seed banks, cryopreservation, field gene banks, etc. are illustrations of it. Both native and domestic animals are well defended and collected in botanic gardens, zoological parks, wildlife safari parks, forests, etc. maximum of these have catch breeding programs aimed to restore the decreasing number of animals and to help the survival of the species. Gene banks are institutions that stock attainable seeds (seed banks), live plants (vineyards), tissue culture and frozen germplasm with all genetic viability. There are two types of biodiversity conservation; Ex Situ conservation and In Situ conservation. In situ conservation is the conservation of living resources by maintaining them in their natural ecosystem in which they do. illustrations; public parks, sanctuaries, natural reserves, reserves of the biosphere, sacred grooves, etc.

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