. An organic compound A on heating with concentrated H2 SO4 forms a compound B which on addition of one mole of hydrogen in presence of Ni

forms a compound C. One mole of compound C on combustion forms two moles of CO2 and 3 moles of H2O. Identify the compounds A, B and C and write the chemical equations of the reactions involved.

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Compound A is Ethanol
Compound A = CH3CH2OH
CH3CH2OH (in the presence of conc. H2SO4) → CH2-CH2+ H2O
Compound B is Ethane
Compound B is CH2= CH2
CH2=CH2 (in the presence of Ni)  →C2H6
Compound C = CH3 — CH3
2C2H6+7O2 4CO2 +6H2O

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