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(a) Why should we conserve biodiversity?(b) Protected forests are also not completely safe for wild animals. Why?(c) Some tribals depend on the jungle. How?(d) What are the causes and consequences of deforestation?(e) What is the Red Data Book?(f) What do you understand by the term migration?

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(A) Biodiversity is defined as the variety of life forms on the earth such as plants, animals, microorganisms that are present in an area, where each and every organisms are depending on each other for there survival which indicates that extinction of any one of the organisms may adversely affect the life of the other, so we need to conserve the biodiversity to maintain balance in ecology thus leading the formation of stable ecosystem.

(B) Protected forests are also not completely safe for wild animals because people who live nearby areas of the forest or the people who involved in the illegal works , use the resources from forest to fulfill their own requirements such as killing the wild animals to extract their hide ,ivory,fur,organs,skin,bones,teeth etc which lead them to earn a lucrative amount money.

(C) Some tribes depend on the jungle because the forest provides food ,fodder and other resources to them which is helpful for them and for their cattle ,so it is inevitable for them to depend on forest and their resources for everyday needs.

(D) The causes of deforestation are as:-

Forests are cleared to expand Urbanization and Industrialisation.

Forests are cleared for the woods for the tribal people nearby for there survival

Forests are destroyed for implementing agricultural works to fill the demand of growing population and to graze the cattles for dairy,egg,fish ,meat as an animal husbandry

Consequences of Deforestation:-

Floods and droughts

Soil erosion,climate interruption,increase in global warming

Loss of biodiversity leading to ecological imbalance

(E) Red data book is a state of documents for documenting rare and endangered species of plants, animals, fungi and some local subspecies that exist in the territory, it consists of a complete list of endangered species.

(F) Migration is defined as the movement of species from own habitat to some other place during specific period in the year either fro breeding or to overcome the unfavorable climatic conditions.


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