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Why did Aurangzeb ban the playing of the pungi?



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  • The sixth Mughal Emperor was Aurangzeb Alamgir. He was Emperor Shah Jahan's son. He is also the most despised ruler in Indian history. 
  • He governed for nearly 50 years, from 1658 to 1707, and was the Mughals' last prominent or effective monarch.
  • Music was the main means of Hindu-Muslim unity throughout the Mughal era. 
  • Aurangzeb, the Mughal emperor, outlawed singing in his court, although he did not outlaw the playing of musical instruments. 
  • Despite his intense religious beliefs, he was a music aficionado and a skilled veena player.
  • However, because of its loud, harsh, and disagreeable sound, he prohibited the playing of the musical instrument pungi in the royal residence. 
  • It is a wind instrument that is also known as the been or murli. It is made up of a reservoir into which the player blows air, which is then channelled via two reed pipes. 
  • There are no pauses in the playing of the instrument. It was considered more of a noisemaker than a musical instrument. 
  • As a result, Aurangzeb outlawed the pungi, a loud and disagreeable sounding musical instrument.

Final Answer:

The pungi was banned by Aurangzeb because of its harsh and disagreeable sound.



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