. Apomictic embryos in citrus arise from

A: Maternal sporophytic tissue in ovule

B: Antipodal cells

C: Diploid cells

D: Synergids



Best Answer

Explanation :- 

Apomixis is a kind of asexual reproduction in which seed is developed without fertilisation.

Apomictic embryo develops from the cells of the maternal sporophytic tissue in the ovule. 

Group of three haploid cells arranged at the chalazal end in an embryo sac are called antipodal cells.

Diploid cells refer to the cell having a double copy of chromosome.

Synergids are two haploid cells present at the micropylar end along with a large egg cell.

Final answer :- 

The correct answer is maternal sporophytic tissue in the ovule, i.e option (A).


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