. Assertion In common base configuration, the current gain of the transistor is less than unity

Reason The collector terminal is reverse biased for amplification.

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Answer: (b)

Solution ||| In common base configuration input is applied between emitter and base and output is taken between collector and base. In this connection the base of the transistor is made common to both input and output terminals. For amplification, emitter terminal is forward biased and collector terminal is reverse biased. In this configuration, the current gain is ratio of change in collector current to the change in emitter current at constant collector base voltage (VCB).

assertion in common base

Current gain (a) is less than unity because collector current (IC) is always less than emitter current (IE).

Hence, option (b) is true.

Note : Practical value of a , in commercial transistors range from 0.9 to 0.99.



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