. Assertion: Under conditions of high light intensity and limited

CO2 supply, photo-respiration has a useful role in protecting the plants from photo-oxidative damage.

Reason In enough CO2 is not available to utilize light energy for carboxylation to processed, the excess energy may not cause damage to plants.

Best Answer

Answer : (c)

Solution: Photorespiration is a light induced oxidation of photosynthetic intermediate with the help of oxygen. For this RUBISCO enzyme functions as UuBp oxygenase and non ATP and NADPH formation takes place instead O2 is used and CO2 is released.

Photorespiration is stimulated by

(i)   high O2 concentration

(ii)  low CO2 concentration

(iii)  high light intensity.

(iv) high temperature.

(v)  aging of leaf.


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