. At 0^o C the density of a certain oxide of a gas

at 2 bar is same as that of dinitrogen at 5 bar. What is the molecular mass of the oxide?


Best Answer



​​PN2 = 5 bar

P​oxide = 2 bar 

We know molecular weight of dinitrogen ​​MN2 = 28g mol-1

Ideal gas equation can also be written as PM = dRT

M​oxide​=d​oxideRT /P​oxide……(i)

​​MN2​​=​​dN2​​RT​​ /PN2……(ii)

Dividing equation (1) by (2) 

M​oxide​​ /MN2​​=​​PN2 X d​oxide​​ /dN2 X P​oxide

​​​Given: d​oxide=​​dN2 ​​∴M​oxide​=​5bar /2bar×28g mol-1 

M​oxide=70g mol-1

Final Answer: Hence  the molecular mass of the oxide is 70g mol-1



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