. BaCl2(aq) Na2SO4(aq) BaSO4(s) 2NaCl (aq) Above reaction involves which type of reaction

(a) Displacement

(b) Precipitation

(c) Combination

(d) Double displacement

A: (a) & (c)

B: (a), (b) & (c)

C: (b) & (c)

D: (b) & (d)


Best Answer

Explanation :

A reaction in which more reactive element displaces less reactive element is known as displacement reaction.

While a  reaction in which mutual exchange of ions or molecules takes place in between compounds is known as Double displacement reaction.

BaCl2(aq) + Na2SO4(aq)→ BaSO4(s) + 2NaCl (aq)

Here ions  are  mutually exchanged  by each other so it is a double displacement reaction.

Also this reaction leads to the formation of white precipitate BaSO4 So it is also a precipitation reaction. 

Final Answer : Hence the correct answer is (D) (b) & (d).


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