. Based on cellular mechanisms there are two major types of regeneration found in the animals

Which one of the following is the correct example of the type mentioned

a. Morphollaxis-   Regeneration of two Transversely cut equal Pieces of a Hydra into two small hydras

b. Epimorphosis-  Replacement of old and Dead erythrocytes by the new ones

c. Morphollaxis- Healing up of a wound In the skin

d. Epimorphosis- Regeneration of Crushed and filtered Out pieces of a Planaria into as many new Planarians        

Best Answer

Ans. a

Solution ||| Regeneration is the phenomenon of restoration of body parts which have been removed either by injury or automy. It is extensively found in Palanarians and common feature in polychaetes, crustaceans and echinoderms. Morgan (1901) distinguished the following two basic tyoes of regeneration :

(a)  Morphallactic regeneration or morphollaxis : In morphollaxis type of regeneration, new individual is produced not by addition of parts to the residue of the animals body but by remodelling the entire available mass of cells into a new one. It is found in lower animals.

Example : Regeneration in Hydra.

(b)  Epimorphic regeneration or epimorphosis : It is common type of

regeneration found in higher animals. The regenerated organ is an addition to the other parts of the animal’s body.

Example : (i) Renewal of limbs in salamander.

(ii) Replacement of broken tail in lizard.

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