. Benzene on ozonolysis followed by reaction with

Benzene on ozonolysis followed by reaction with Zn + H2O  gives:

A: 3 moles of glycerol

B: 3 moles of glyoxal

C: 3 moles of glyoxalic acid

D: 3 moles of acetylene


Best Answer


Ozonolysis followed by Zn + H2O  is collectively known as reductive ozonolysis.

In this, the ozone molecule reacts with the given organic compound in such a way that it cleaves all the unsaturated bonds oxidatively. 

This results in an organic compound in which all the double bonds have been replaced by carbon oxygen bonds.

This product, when treated with Zn + H2O , breaks off at places where there was a double bond to give smaller compounds having a carbonyl group.

Reductive ozonolysis of benzene is as shown below:

Reductive ozonolysis

Final Answer:

Hence, the correct answer is option B: 3 moles of glyoxal.



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