. Calculate the Molarity of pure water using the density to be 1000 kg m−3

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The number of moles of solute which is present in 1 litre volume of solution. It is represented by M.

Formula of Molarity: Moles of the solute/Volume of the solution

Given, density of pure water is 1000 kg m−3

We know 1 kg of water contains 1000 g of water.

1 kg = 1000 g

And we know that a 1-meter cube is equal to 1000 litre.

1 m3= 1000L

So, we can express the density of water in g L−1.

So, the1000 kg m−3 is equal to:

1000/1000 x 1000= 1000 gL−1

So, the density is 1000gL−1

Molarity=Moles of the solute/Volume of the solution=55.55/1=55.55 M

Hence, Molarity of pure water is 55.55 M.

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