. Chemisorption is while physical adsorption is in nature

A: reversible, reversible

B: irreversible, reversible

C: reversible, irreversible

D: irreversible, irreversible


Best Answer


  • Chemisorption is an adsorption type in which adsorbate is grasped to the adsorbent by strong chemical bond.
  • Chemical adsorption (Chemisorption) involves compound formation by covalent or ionic binding which are irreversible in nature.
  • Chemisorption involves high activation energy.
  • Physical adsorption (Physisorption) is an adsorption of gas on solids occurring in terms of weak van der Waal’s forces.
  • Physisorption of gas on solids is generally reversible.

Final answer:

Hence, the correct option is B: i.e. irreversible, reversible



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