. Chimeric DNA is a

Chimeric DNA is a

A: DNA which contains uracil

B: DNA synthesized from RNA

C: Recombinant DNA

D: DNA which contains single strand


Best Answer

Correct Option is C : i.e., recombinant DNA.


Chimeric DNA is Recombinant DNA (rDNA), is a method of joining DNA from two different species to create a hybrid DNA.

The word “chimeric” simply means having parts from different origins.

Thus, since recombinant DNA is made in the lab by joining DNA from two different species, it is also sometimes called chimeric DNA.

DNA is composed of four nitrogenous bases i.e., guanine, cytosine, thymine and adenine, while uracil is present only in case of RNA, instead of thymine, hence option A is incorrect. 

DNA can be synthesized from RNA in viruses which contain reverse transcriptase enzymes and this process is called reverse transcription.

DNA usually does not occur as a single strand, it is rather a double stranded double helix. However, single stranded DNA is the genetic material in some viruses.




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