. Consider two elements

'A' (Atomic number 17) and 'B' (Atomic number 19):

(i) Write   the   positions   of these   elements in the   modern   periodic   table   giving justification.

(ii)  Write the formula of the compound formed when 'A' combines with 'B'.

(iii)  Draw the electron dot structure of the compound and state the nature of the bond formed between the two elements.


Best Answer

Answer: Ans.    (i)  Element 'A':

Atomic number  = 17         

Electronic configuration = 2, 8, 7

'A' belongs to 17th group as it has '7' electrons in its outermost shell.

'A' belongs to 3rd period as it has three shells in its atom.

Element 'B':

Atomic number  = 19         

Electronic configuration  = 2, 8, 8, 1

'B' belongs to 1st group as it has one electron in its outermost shell.

'B' belongs to 4th period as it has four shells in its atom.

 (ii) Valency of A = -1

    Valency of B = +1


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