. Crystal field stabilization energy for high spin d4 octahedral complex is

A: - 1.8Δ0

B: - 1.6 Δ0 + P

C: - 1.2Δ0

D: - 0.6Δ0

Best Answer

Explanation :

The correct answer is option D which can be elaborated as follows :

Crystal field stabilization energy for an octahedral complex is given by the formula:

       CFSE = (0.6 x neg - 0.4 x nt2g ) ∆0

In general, splitting of octahedral complex is shown as follows:

Crystal field

Since given octahedral complex is high spin d4 , so 3 electrons occupy t2g and 1 electron occupies eg

This splitting of high spin d4 can be diagrammatically shown as follows:

splitting of high spin


Correct Option is: (D)

The crystal field stabilization energy (CFSE) of given high spin d4  is determined to be -0. 6 ∆

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