. Cultivation of Bt cotton has been much in the news. The prefix Bt means

a. Barium-treated cotton seeds

b. Bigger thread variety of cotton with better tensile strength

c. produced by biotechnology using restriction

d. carrying an endotoxin gene from Bacilus thuringiensis

Best Answer

Ans. d

Solution ||| Bt-cotton, Bt-cotton, Bt-tomato etc are transgenic plants having Bt-2 gene encoding Bt toxin (eg thurioside). Bt-toxin gene has been isolated from a bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis therefor called Bt (ie Bacillus thuringiensis). These plants are resistant for more than 140 species of insects including common cabbage worm, tent caterpillers, Bag worms, Canker worms, gypsy worm etc.


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