. cumulative frequency definition statistics

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In statistics, the frequency of the first-class interval is added to the frequency of the second one class, and this sum is added to the 1/3 class and so on then, frequencies which can be obtained this way are referred to as cumulative frequency (c.f.). A table that displays the cumulative frequencies which are distributed over different classes is known as a cumulative frequency distribution or cumulative frequency table. There are varieties of cumulative frequency - lesser than type and greater than type. Cumulative frequency is used to know the number of observations that lie above (or below) a selected frequency in a given data set. Let us look at some examples which can be used in many real-world situations.

Example: Raj is the sales manager of a toy company. On checking his quarterly sales record, he can observe that by the month of April, a total of 80 toys were sold.

Sol. The total cumulative frequency is the total observation 

cumulative frequenc

i.e. 83=20+30+15+18

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