. Cuscuta is a

A: Total stem parasite

B: Partial stem parasite

C: Epiphyte

D: Total root parasit



Best Answer


A:Total stem parasite - Cuscuta (Dodder) is a complete or obligate stem parasite. It is chlorophyll-deficient and has no relationship to the soil after sowing. As a result, it is completely reliant on the host for organic food materials, water, and mineral salts. The parasitic plant pierces the host plant's stem and absorbs its nutrition.

B:Partial stem parasite - Viscum album (mistletoe) is a well-known partial stem parasite that parasitizes a variety of shrubs and trees. Viscum is a dichotomously branched plant with green leaves born in pairs on each node of the stem.

C:Epiphyte - An epiphyte is a plant that grows on its surface and gets its moisture and nutrients from the air, rain, water, or detritus that collects around it.

D:Total root parasite - Balanophora is a complete root parasite that feeds on carbohydrates, minerals, and water from the roots of host plants such as cabbage, causing harm to the host.

Final answer

Hence, the correct answer is A, Total stem parasite.


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