. Define autogamy

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1.Pollination - refers to the transfer of pollen grains from the mature anther to the stigma of a flower.

2.It is of three types-

Autogamy b.Geitonogamy c. Xenogamy 

3. Autogamy - It is a type of pollination where pollen grains from the mature anther of a

flower is transferred to the stigma of the same flower.

4. Autogamy-It can be performed in three ways-

a.Homogamy- Anther and stigma mature at the same time, so that autogamy can takes place.

b.Cleistogamy-It is seen in those where flowers remain closed so that pollination can be performed within the same flower.

c.Chasmogamy-In this method of pollination, flowers are open but anther, stigma, and style show bending, folding, and growth such that autogamy can takes place.

Final Answer-

Autogamy, also called self-pollination, in which pollen grains are exchanged within the same flower. It can take place by three methods-homogamy, chasmogamy, and cleistogamy.


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