. Define convex and concave polygon

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A convex polygon is similarly a closed figure in which all its inner angles are less than 180, and the angles are pointing outwards. The term convex describes a shape with a curved or extended surface. In other words, all outline lines are straight and point outward. Real-world examples of convex polygons are a signboard, a football, a circular plate, and more. In geometry, many shapes can be categorized as convex polygons. For example, a hexagon is a closed polygon with six sides. Because all the internal angles of a hexagon are less than 180, it can be called a convex polygon.

A polygon is a two-dimensional shape with three sides and angles. A convex polygon is a shape in which all its headings point outwards. Any form that has a curved surface and closes is defined as convex. Convex shapes or surfaces of objects appear to be projecting outwards. In other words, no part of it points inwards. The branch of mathematics is Geometry, which deals with lines, points, shapes, solids. A form or a polygon is called a catalyst in geometry if the lines joining them are entirely within the structure. Each inner angle of a convex polygon is less than 180.


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