. Define parthenocarpy

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Explanation :

  • Parthenocarpy is a condition in which fruits develop without seeds forming. This method of fruit cultivation was first presented in 1902. This is mostly owing to the lack of fertilization, pollination, and embryo development in plants. Parthenocarpic fruit is a botanical term that signifies "virgin fruit." The majority of these fruits are seedless.
  • Parthenocarpy is introduced during cultivation, along with other plant hormones such as gibberellic acid. It causes the ovaries to mature without the need for fertilization, resulting in larger, pulpier fruits. This method can be used on a wide range of crops, including squash, cucumber, and many more.
  • Parthenocarpy can be seen in bananas. The bananas produced in this natural process are sterile, have no viable ovaries, and do not produce seeds, therefore they must be propagated vegetatively. Parthenocarpy can also be seen in nature, such as in pineapples and figs.

Final Answer :

Parthenocarpy is the natural or artificial generation of fruit without ovule fertilization, resulting in seedless fruit. Bananas, grapes, and other fruits are examples

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