. Define surjective function Give an example of function

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  • Every element of the range set is a co-domain, hence the surjective function is defined with reference to the elements of the range set. 
  • A surjective function has an image that is the same as its co-domain. 
  • A surjective function's range, co-domain, and image are all the same. 
  • We may also argue that a surjective function is an onto function if every co-domain co-domain has at least one pre-image co-domain domain and co-domain
  • Let's have a look at surjective function in more detail.
  • Assume  and. A = {1, - 1,2,3} = {1,4,9}.
  • Because each element of  has at least one pre-image in Apre-image is surjective.

Final Answer:

A surjective function is one in which each element in the domain of  has at least one element in the domain of, resulting in pre-image.

Example: pre-image is surjective.

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