. Define the Chemical equation

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  • A chemical equation refers to the symbolic illustration of a chemical reaction in terms of elements' symbols and formulae.
  • In the chemical equation, the reactant entities are existing on the left hand side of the reaction and product on the right hand side of the reaction.
  • Chemical equations comprises certain moles of reactants that interact to generate products.
  • CaCO3 + 2HC1 →CaC12 + CO2 + H2O
  • Calcium carbonate, Hydrochloric acid, Calcium chloride, Carbon dioxide, Water.
  • In this chemical equation, Calcium carbonate and Hydrochloric acid are reactants that are symbolically illustrated which gives Calcium chloride, Carbon Dioxide, and water as products. The given equation is balanced.
  • In a balanced chemical equation, the coefficients and number of atoms of reactants and products are made equivalent.

Final Answer:

Chemical equation is a chemical reaction depicted in terms of element symbols and formulae.



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