. Define the following as related to proteins

Define the following as related to proteins

            (i)    Peptide linkage

            (ii)   Primary structure

            (iii)   Denaturation


Best Answer

(i)         Peptide linkage Peptide linkage is an amide linkage formed between –COOH group and –NH2 group.

                   When carboxyl group of one amino acid reacts with the amino group of the other, a water molecule is eliminated and peptide linkage is formed.


Peptide linkage

(ii)        Primary structure Each polypeptide in a protein has amino acids linked with each other in a specific sequence and this sequence of amino acids is called primary structure of that particular protein. Any change in the primary structure creates different protein.

            (iii)   Denaturation When a protein in its native form, is subjected to physical change as change in temperature, or chemical charge like change in pH, the hydrogen bonds are distrucbed. The protein globnules unfold, helix get uncoiled and protein loses its biological activity. This is called denaturation of protein. Secondary and tertriary structures are destroyed but the primary structure remains as such. For example, coagulation of egg while on boiling, curdling of milk etc.


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