. Define the following term

i. Family

ii. Order

iii. Class

Best Answer


i. Family is represented by a group of related genera that are more similar to each other than with the genera of other families.

ii. All the genera of a family resemble one another in certain correlated characters indicating a common ancestry.

iii. Families are characterized on the basis of both vegetative and reproductive features of plant species.

iv. The genera like Solanum, Petunia, Datura, Atropa, etc. based on the similarities are placed in the family Solanaceae. In animals such as lion, leopard, tiger, jaguar from genus Panthera, and cat from genus Felis are included in the family Felidae. 

v. In plants, the family ends with the suffix - aceae and subfamily with - oidae while in animals the suffixes are ¬ ideae for family, - inae for sub-family, - ini for tribe (between sub-family and genus).


Order is an assemblage of families resembling one another in a few characters. These characters are less similar as compared to many genera put in a family. Families like Solanaceae and Convolvulaceae are put in the order Polimoniales on the basis of some related floral characters. Likewise, order Carnivora contains related families of Canidae, Felidae, Ursidae (bear) and Hyaenidae (hyaena).

An order ends in suffix - ales in plants. 


i. It is a taxonomic category made up one or more related orders. For example, class Mammalia has a number of orders like Carnivora, Rodentia, Insectivora, etc.

ii. It ends in suffixes - phyceae, - opsida and - ae in plants. The suffix is not fixed in case of animals.



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