. Define the Following term. (i) Microbodies (ii) Spherosomes (iii) Peroxisomes

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Many membrane bound minute vesicles called microbodies that contain various enzymes, are present in both plant and animal cells.

(ii) Spherosomes:

a. Hanstein (1880) first observed them and called as microsomes. Perner (1953) named them spherosomes. 

b. Occur only in plant cells, and are major site of lipid storage and synthesis have lysosome-like activity, so also termed as plant lysosomes.

(iii) Peroxisomes:

a. In animal cells peroxisomes are concerned with peroxide metabolism. Urate oxidase, Amino acid oxidase and peroxidase catalyse the oxidation of amino acids producing H2O2. Catalase degrade the H2O2 into water and oxygen.

b. In plants, peroxisomes occur in cells of green tissues and are concerned with photorespiration (glycolate pathway) and are also involved in -oxidation of fatty acids.





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