. Define the terms pollination and fertilization

Define the terms pollination and fertilization. Draw a diagram of a pistil showing pollen tube growth into the ovule and  label the  following:

pollen grain, male  gamete, female gamete, ovary


Best Answer

Pollination: Pollination is the transfer of pollen grains from the anther of a stamen stigma of a carpel. Pollination occurs only in plants. Pollination can occur in two ways

(a) self pollination and

(b) cross pollination. It is a physical process

Fertilisation: The fusion of a male gamete with a female gamete to form zygote is called fertilisation. Fertilisation occurs in plants as well as in animals. Fertilisation is also of two types

(a) external fertilisation and

(b) internal  fertilisation. It is a biochemical process

pollination and fertilization


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