. Define triple fusion What is the product of this process

What does the product develop into?


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Double fertilization and triple fusion are the exclusive events of an angiosperm.

The female gamete in angiosperms has eight nucleate and seven cell stages.

At the micropylar end, there are two synergids and an egg cell.

Egg cells are used with one of the male gametes to form zygote (2n) called true fertilization.

The second male gamete fuses with the secondary nucleus that is formed by the fusion of two polar nuclei to form pre-endosperm nuclei (PEN).

The zygote develops to form an embryo while the PEN develops to form an endosperm.

It acts as a stored food reserve.

Final Answer:

Triple fusion is the fusion of two polar nuclei with one of the male gamete, which forms pre-endosperm nuclei and the cell is known as a pre-endosperm cell. It later develops to form the endosperm.



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