. Define. (i)Genotype (ii)Homozygous (iii)Heterozygous

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(i) Genotype (Gk. Genos = race; typos= image): The genetic make up of an individual (e.g. TT, Tt, tt, etc.) is called genotype. 

(ii) Homozygous: Organisms having similar alleles for a particular trait (e.g., TT, tt) are called homozygous.The homozygote is pure for the character and breeds true on self-fertilization.

(iii) Heterozygous: Organisms possessing dissimilar alleles (e.g. Tt) for a specific trait are called heterozygous. The heterozygote is not pure and is called hybrid for that character. It does not breed true on self-fertilization. 


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