. Density of a 2.05 M solution of acetic acid in water is 1.02 g/ml

The molality of the solution is

A: 1.14 mol kg^-1

B: 3.28 mol kg^-1

C: 2.28 mol kg^-1

D: 0.44 mol kg^-1

Best Answer

Explanation :

•Mass of 1 L solution of 2.05 M acetic acid =1.02g/ml x1000ml=1020 g

•Mass of solute in solution

            =2.05 mol/Lx60g/mol=123g/ L, 

where molar mass of acetic acid 60g/ mol.

•Mass of solvent in 1 L solution=1020-123=897g

•Molality of the solutions 

 =(2.05x1000)/(897)= 2.28 mol kg^-1


Correct Option is: (C) 2.28 mol kg^-1

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