. Describe an activity to show that the colours of white light splitted by a glass prism can be

recombined to get white light by another identical glass prism. Also draw ray diagram to show the recombination of the spectrum of white light

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Ans. In a real parallel glass slide(with two prisms imagined to be touching each other to form a parallel glass slide),

The ray of light should pass through the Z in between without any dispersion or change in direction because the density in both of the prisms is the same(and they are touching each other). So Newton's experiment won't help in explaining this because in it, there is a vaccum(or air) in between and hence the change in direction of light. I hope that you are getting me, if not I'm ready to elaborate more.

[In case anyone is wondering that I did post a Q about dispersion earlier too, then that is true - but I did not get the answer of the question that I really meant to ask and hence this, I hope that you guys will help me better understand this.



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