. Describe the important characteristics of gymnosperms

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Explanation :- 

Gymnosperms are seed producing vascular plants.

Gymnos - naked, and sperma - seeds, i.e seeds are not produced inside the fruits.

The important characteristics of gymnosperms are as follows :-

  • Gymnosperms means plants with naked seeds. 
  • They are mainly perennial or woody.
  • Their stem can be branched or unbranched.
  • Tap root system present.
  • Flowerless plants.
  • Pollination mainly occurs through wind.
  • They produce two different kinds of spores i.e microspore and megaspore.
  • They have needle-like leaves.
  • Xylem does not have vessels.
  • Phloem does not have sieve tube and companion cells.

Final answer :- 

Hence, these are the features and importance for gymnosperms.

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