. Describe the parts of flower with neat diagram and label it.

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1)Calyx :It consists of green-leaf-like structures known as sepals. It protects internal parts of the flower.

2)Corolla : The whorl lying inner to the calyx is called corolla. It consist of delicate structures called petals. These petals are either colured or scented to attract insects.

3)Stamens :They are long thin structures present inside the corolla. The stamens are either united or free. At the tip of stamen there is the anther and it consists of pollen. They are the male parts of flower.

4)Gynoecium : It is the fourth whorl in the flower. This is the female part. It consists of three parts - ovary, style and stigma. The basal swollen part is ovary. The long tube - like structure is known as style. The broad tip of style is called stigma. The ovary contains small grain - like structures known as ovules. These ovules contain female-gametes.   


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