. Describe the white blood corpuscles and their function.

Best Answer

1.White blood corpuscles are also called leucocytes.

2.The leucocytes are comparatively larger than, erythrocytes.

3.They are irregular in shape and look like amoebae.

4.Each leucocyte has a nucleus.

5.Their number is lesser than that of red blood cells.

6.In man the number of lecocytes is 4 to 11 thousands per cubic millimeter

7.The white blood cells capture and destroy harmful and disease producing organisms that invade or enter the body.

8.Therefore, they protect the body from the harmful effects of those germs.

9.In the battle between the leucocytes and the invading germs, some of the leucocytes also get killed.

10.The other leucocytes remove the dead germs and dead leucocytes from the body in the form of pus.

11.Thus, leucocytes act as scavengers also.

12.Hence the leucocytes are called ‘policemen and scavengers’ of the body.

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