. Determine the two types of the IUPAC name of any organic compound

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The IUPAC name of any organic compound essentially consists of two parts: 

  1. Wordroot
  2. Primary Suffix

1. Word Root : It is the basic unit of the name. It denotes the number of carbon atoms present in the principal chain of the molecule. Chain containing one to four carbon atoms are known by special word  roots (based upon the common names of alkanes) while chains from C5 onwards are known by Greek number roots. 

Chain Length Word Root Chain Length Word Root Chain Length Word Root
C1 Meth C8 Oct C14 Tetradec
C2 Eth C9 Non C20 Eicos
C3 Prop C10 Dec C30 Triacont
C5 Pent C11 Undec C40 Tetracont
C6 Hex C12 Dodec C50 Pentacont
C7 Hept C13 Tridec C60 Hexacont

2. Primary suffix: A primary suffix is always added to the word root to indicate whether carbon chain is saturated or unsaturated. 

Nature of Group Primary Suffix Generic Name
Alkane - one hydrogen atom -yl Alkyl
Alkene - one hydrogen atom -enyl Alkenyl
Alkyne - one hydrogen atom -ynl Alkynyl



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